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Pottery finds on Blackberry Hill
GR Redford Tuesday 1st December 2015
An Aslockton resident and reported a number if potentially exciting 'finds' on Blackberry Hill, Whatton-in-the-Vale.

Paul Hegginson found, whilst walking on Blackberry Hill a number of what appears to be Roman Pottery shards and also a 'muddy lump' which when cleaned was informally identified as Mid-Iron Age 'Scored Ware'.

Other finds included green glazed shards, a large jub handle, Midland Purple ware, Slip ware and Blackware.

Blackberry Hill has recently been 'deep-ploughed' for the first time in many years which may explain the numerous recent finds.

As far as I am aware, the finds are the first evidence of Iron-age and Romana-British settlement around the Blackberry Hill area.

More research to follow!

Aslockton Station circa 1920 - Approximate Year: 1880

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